What To Wear To A Cabin Crew Assessment Day

One of the things I was really worried about before my cabin crew assessment day was, what should I wear!? In the email you are advised to wear ‘smart attire’ but that can mean different things to different people. What if the recruitment team didn’t think I looked smart enough!

Females definitely have a lot to think about when it comes to dressing to impress at a cabin crew assessment day. How should I style my hair? Red lipstick or no red lipstick? Skirt or trousers? You can’t help but feel like a big part of whether or not you will be successful is based on your physical appearance! With the exception of my shoes I went and bought a completely new outfit, including handbag and tights (I ended up buying 2 packs of 5 ‘just in case’!)

I went shopping the Saturday before my assessment day, there aren’t that many good shops where I live so I was limited as to where I could go. I eventually ended up buying 3 outfits, I was getting stressed and thought it was best to try them on at home were I would be more comfortable and could get a better idea of how they looked. I bought two smart dresses with matching jackets, one black and one grey, from Primark. I honestly hadn’t expected to find anything there, but it actually turned out to be the best place. It was cheap too, the dresses and jackets were all £12 each, bargain! I also bought a skirt suit from h&m and a white shirt from Marks and Spencer, I highly recommend their shirts as they have little hidden buttons on them that stop your boobs from gaping!

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I had thought that I would wear a skirt suit with a white shirt, but when I tried it on I just didn’t feel like ‘me’ at all. I look a lot younger than I actually am and I honestly looked like I was playing dress up! I knew that in order for me to perform the best that I could at the assessment day, that I had to feel comfortable and confident in my appearance. I ended up wearing the black dress and jacket, it was smart and business-like but I still felt good in it and I was confident that I was dressed to impress.

As for hair I knew I would have to put my hair up, it is half way down my back and high lighted. It is more beach bum than office worker. I had been practicing for weeks putting my hair up in a hair donut, it wasn’t easy as my hair is so long and thick, but I eventually got the hang of it. Could I get my hair into a nice neat donut bun on the morning of my assessment? Could I heck! Thankfully I stayed calm (I have had many a hair drama induced bitch fit over the years haha) and put it in a nice plait bun which I actually ended up preferring so it turned out fine in the end. I would say that the majority of the girls at my AD had their hair in a donut, one had hers in a French twist and I thought it looked really elegant so if you are good at doing your hair that might be a good style to try 🙂

I went for a polished yet natural look for my makeup, I wanted enough to hide the bad bits and highlight the good bits. I did wear a full face, but I didn’t pile the makeup on. I wore a light neutral eyeshadow with mascara, I don’t remember if I wore eyeliner though. Enough blusher to give my cheeks a healthy glow and a pinky nude lipstick. I was going to wear red lipstick, but changed my mind at the last minute.

I did think about putting up a picture of my hair and makeup, but I thought it was maybe best to remain anonymous, at least until training is over and I’m flying.

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One thought on “What To Wear To A Cabin Crew Assessment Day

  1. Thanks for putting this up, I’ve got an AD soon and was wondering what I could wear. Didn’t fancy wearing a suit either to be honest!! The dress and jacket, look perfect!


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