The Top 5 Places I Hope To Visit When i Get My Wings

One of the biggest reasons I think anybody wants to be cabin crew or a flight attendant, is the opportunity to travel the world and experience different cultures all while getting paid. For me personally it is way outwith my financial means to go to places in America or the Far East, I would have to save for years to afford it! So I have every intention of making the most out of any time I able to spend in the amazing places I will get to go to. It doesn’t matter if it is a night stop, or I get 48 hours, I will not be hiding myself away in my hotel room. The opportunity to see some of the amazing places in this world is one of the main reasons why I applied to an international airline, you actually do get to spend some time in quite a lot of the places you will be flying to. With that said here is the top 5 places that I hope I get rostered when I eventually start flying.




I have wanted to visit the South Korean capital for a long time now. In fact if I hadn’t been successful with my cabin crew application I was going to strongly consider doing a TEFL course and applying to teach English there, who knows I might still do it sometime down the line! One of the main reasons why I want to go to Seoul is the shopping, more specifically skincare shopping! Korean skincare is amongst the best in the world, my own routine is mostly Korean, so it would be amazing to see it all in person!




When I was 18 I had actually saved up to go travelling, I had bought my ticket and was headed for Bangkok, the east coast of Oz and finally Singapore. Then I met my boyfriend and he persuaded me not to go, I would be lying if I said that there hasn’t been so many times when I have regretted not going. So for me Sydney is a way for me to fulfil a dream from my youth.




I basically want to go because I want to see if it is as insane and amazing as people say it is! I think it would be a really fascinating place to visit with its contrast of the traditional and modern. I would  love to visit when the cherry blossoms are blooming, I imagine it would look beautiful 🙂




I know that I’m cheating as I could fly to more than one place, but seeing as I would be happy to visit any of them I’m including the USA as a whole. Imagine the food and the shopping! If I get any American cities I will most definitely be hitting up Sephora and Bath and Body Works. I want to visit a cute little diner too and have pancakes with bacon & maple syrup for breakfast! Oh and proper bbq!

Cape Town

IMG_0206 table mountain resizesource

It looks like a really beautiful place, on the coast set against the beautiful backdrop that is Table Mountain. Apparently it only takes about 2 hours to climb the quickest and easiest route to the top of Table Mountain, so that would definitely be on my list of things to do. I’m not the biggest wine drinker, but I still think it would be nice to go on a wine tour, who knows it might give me a greater appreciation for it. Even if it doesn’t at least I can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Taking a dip in a shark cage would also be on my to do list!

Where is the best, most exciting place that you have visited as cabin crew? Have there been any places that didn’t meet your expectations?

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