Fit to Fly & An Update

I set off at 6:30am yesterday to go for my uniform fitting and medical, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get them on the same day so I had to stay overnight in a hotel. I stayed at the Travelodge Terminal 5, it was my first time in a Travelodge and it honestly makes Holiday Inn look like the Ritz in comparison! I don’t know how people can spend the 6 weeks training in one, I would crack up.

I had my uniform fitting yesterday, I’ll be honest and say that it was pretty underwhelming and not as exciting as I thought it would be. That’s probably because I didn’t get to try on the cravat and my bun was too high for me to put the hat on properly, so I didn’t really get a good chance to see how I’d look. One thing I will say is that the sizes are huuuge, I tried on a size 10 skirt and blouse and they were literally hanging off me. I ended up with a size 4 skirt, taking vanity sizing to a whole new level haha!

So after my uniform fitting I headed back to my hotel room where I ate half a disgusting sandwich and watched an episode of Once Upon a Time. I had arranged to go view a room so I headed back out in the evening. I had initially ruled out staying in a crew house like Casa Lovell etc as I personally think that they are really expensive, but when I hadn’t gotten anywhere on the accommodation front I thought I would just stay in one. When I contacted them though they were all fully booked, and this is like 5-6 weeks before the start date! So if you are thinking of staying in a crew house my advice would be to not wait and book it ASAP. Anyway, the viewing went fine it is in a quiet area and I can get a bus direct to terminal 5 and Hatton Cross for access to the training centre so it is all good. I have a room sorted until the end of January, after that I am going to see how I get on with commuting.

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I had my medical booked for 8:45am this morning, I had been quite worried about it as I thought that they were going to find something wrong with me haha! It was nothing to worry about at all, there was just a lot of waiting around. I did an eye test with my contacts in, with my glasses and then without any correction. I couldn’t read anything off the screen, that is how bad my eyesight is and I still passed, at the end of the day I’ll always have my contacts or glasses when I fly so it doesn’t matter. I also got my haemoglobin levels tested as I had put down that I used to have fainting spells years ago, but it came back fine. I also got chatting to a lovely girl from Amsterdam that is on the same training course as me so that was nice.

I just can’t wait to get started now, 4 weeks today and I will have done my first day! All that needs to be done now is my reference from my current employer and applying for my US visa. It’s all so exciting!

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