Left My Heart In Tokyo

Tokyo is without a doubt my absolute favourite destination since coming online, it is truly incredible! I was lucky enough to be rostered a trip in February and I am itching to go again, but it moves to another fleet in July so my chances are pretty slim 😦

I am rubbish at remembering in exact detail what I get up to on my trips and I went in February, so this isn’t going to be an in-depth travel report or anything.

I was lucky enough to spend 2 nights in Yokohama which is about 45 minutes away from Tokyo if I remember correctly. I spent the first day in Yokohama, I didn’t really do much as I was feeling pretty tired after a long flight. I pretty much just had a little look around before going back to the hotel to freshen up before heading out for dinner and drinks with the crew.


Cosmo Clock 21 near the hotel in Yokohama, which was once the world’s largest ferris wheel.

The next day one of the senior crew and myself headed into Tokyo to explore the sights, we managed to fit quite a lot into the day which surprised me.


Our first stop was the Shibuya crossing, we sat upstairs in Starbucks and people watched for a while.




Our next stop was the Zojoji temple near the Tokyo Tower, it was so beautiful.


Our final stop was the Imperial Palace Ninomaru Gardens, which where so tranquil and peaceful.


I was so sad to leave but waking up to this view of Mount Fuji softened the blow. It had been quite overcast during my stay so I thought I wasn’t going to see it, so it was a lovely sight to wake up to 🙂

Hopefully the rostering gods will take pity on me and give me a trip (or two) again in June before I lose the chance!

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