Dubai is a new destination to my fleet, it came over in April. When we were told that we would be getting it pretty much all the crew were ecstatic and bidded for it. I on the other hand didn’t really care and so didn’t bid for it, I obviously then got given 2 which annoyed a few of my friends who didn’t get it!


View from hotel room


I’ve had 3 trips to Dubai so far, where I’ve done the usual things like go see the Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab, Jumeriah beach and the Dubai Mall.

tree - Edited


One thing I really, really don’t like about Dubai is the heat, it is unbearable!!! For me anything above 16 degrees is ‘hot’ so you can imagine what I thought of Dubai where it was easily mid 30’s haha!


I would like to go again as there are actually quite a few things that I would like to do. I definitely would like to go into the desert, I would also really like to go for afternoon tea in a nice fancy hotel and going up to the top of the Burj Khalifa is something that I have to do because I always make a point of going up the tallest building when I visit a place.

If you have any tips on nice places to go for dinner and drinks, or anything interesting to do in Dubai feel free to let me know in the comments 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Dubai

  1. Well to my home! I live in Dubai and have for a while now an I still can’t get used to the heat. Somewhere nice for dinner is ‘pier 7’ it’s on the marina with a amazing view of the skyline! Next time you in the city let me know 😄
    Safe flying!


  2. The Irish village has a nice pub feel to it. The food isn’t anything major but they do serve pork. Trader Vics is a tad expensive but the food was good and the cocktails are massive an amazing. When I was there I also went out the Atlantis at The Palm, it’s a massive hotel with its own water park which was the best thing in the heat! I love reading your blog 😃
    WanderingScot x


  3. Dubai bus tour, you can do old Dubai and New Dubai, also night time Dubai. It is hop on hop off, on the old Dubai trip there is a short dhow trip on the creek. Water is provided and also a commentary in several languages. Pick up points at various places.


  4. Next time go to the Gold + Old souq, it is like being in Aladdin, very authentic experience :). The Arabian Tea House is not too far and it is a must I believe. Once you are there you can check the Dubai Museum. Not too big but I think it is very interesting. You can find good and fancy afternoon tea from 150 AED up to more 500 AED (in Burj Al Arab)!


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