Crazy Bangkok

If I had to sum up Bangkok in three words it would be; smelly, dirty and crazy. You would think this means that I didn’t enjoy my recent trip there, but I really did like it! Having said that it isn’t a place for the faint hearted or ‘princessy’ girls.

I was so close to trying to swap off my Bangkok when I first saw it on my roster, it has a reputation as being a very difficult flight as it is really long and you are apparently kept busy the entire flight with people wanting booze. I am so glad that I didn’t, the flight wasn’t bad and I had a fantastic time when I got to Bangkok. We get 2 nights, which is great because it gives you a nice amount of time to explore. On arrival day pretty much all of the crew went to sleep, I wasn’t tired at all though so after showering and pottering around my room I headed out to have a look around.



I didn’t venture too far, I just had a walk around the local streets. I picked up a few bits and pieces from a 7-eleven and then I had some street food, which was OK but not as tasty as I thought it would be. If I go again I will definitely do my research on where to go for some good grub! I got back to the hotel around 3 but I still wasn’t tired, even though I had been awake nearly 30 hours at this point, so I decided to go to the gym. I then met up with some of the crew for drinks and dinner, before finally going to bed.


Day 2 was full of adventure and crazy tuk-tuk rides, I had arranged to meet up with one of the girls and we had such a good day wandering around. Our plan was to go to the Grand Palace, our tuk-tuk driver took us to this pier where the boat operators basically tried to harass us into buying boat tour tickets for 2800 baht. I had done my research though and knew that if we went one stop up we could get the local boat for 40 baht. I never felt threatened at any point, they were obviously just chancing it but I could imagine that a lot of people would have given in just to get rid of them.


Crazy tuk-tuk




After getting away from the boat tour sellers we had a look at random temple we came across and we explored China Town, which is nothing like the one in London. After a quick pit stop we headed for the boat to take us to the grand palace. When we got there, we couldn’t actually get in as there was a ceremony in progress. So we hopped into another tuk-tuk where we went to see the giant gold Buddha Luang Pho To at the Wat (temple) Intharawihan. After a little detour at a fabric shop that the driver asked us to go to because he would get free fuel, we agreed as he was so lovely and was honest with us, we ended up back at the Grand Palace. However it was 3:15 and it closes at 3:30 so we never actually went inside, it was a shame but I have bidded to go back in July so I will go inside then if I get it.



If I have learned anything from this trip, it would be to not pay any attention to what other crew say about a particular flight or destination, I would have missed out on such a great trip if I had.
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