July’s Roster

Vancouver x 2




Apart from 3 days of standby, I have been given an ideal commuters roster, no early reports and no there and backs yay! No new destinations, but I am looking forward to going back to Chicago as it is going to the 747 and I’m not trained on that.

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June’s Roster

Here is where I will be jetting off to this month!

Vienna – There and back, so disappointed that I don’t get to night stop (I’m not actually certain that we do stay over in Vienna tbh!) as it looks beautiful and I’ve always wanted to visit.

Warsaw – Another there and back.

Tokyo x2 – I was absolutely over the moon when I saw that I would be going to my beloved Tokyo not once but twice this month! I am hoping that someone will want to go to DisneySea with me 😀

Vancouver – Everyone that I have spoken to so far says it is amazing so I can’t wait to go. I’m also lucky enough to be going with a guy I trained with so it will be nice to do something together 🙂

So I’m pretty pleased with this months roster, I think the roster god’s where smiling on me when they gave me 2 Tokyo’s 🙂

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