Tokyo Take Two

I can’t believe that I got rostered 2 trips to Tokyo last month, I managed to get 3 in total in 6 months! Oh well, I think it’s karma for scheduling never giving me a SIN/SYD which some people get ALL the time πŸ˜€

I was lucky to have a great team on both my trips, it would have been horrible to have gone to a place as wonderful and interesting as Tokyo with a boring or horrible crew!



We decided to head to Asakusa to see the Senso-ji which is the oldest temple in Tokyo, most of us hadn’t been before and the others didn’t mind going back again. I did find it incredibly beautiful, but I didn’t feel ‘anything’ it was just far too busy and crowded for me. That and the fact that I’m not a Buddhist…! I would still recommend a visit, just maybe go a bit earlier than we did as it was about midday when we got there.


We had a browse through the market stalls near the temple, there was so much temptation in the form of tasty snacks and cute little trinkets but I didn’t do much damage! Some of the girls wanted to go to Shibuya to see the famous crossing. I had already been before but I didn’t mind going again, it was actually better this time as it was busier.


We thought it would be nice to take a walk to Harajuku so we could see the ‘Harajuku girls’, turns out we are about 10 years too late and that they aren’t a ‘thing’ anymore apparently! Well that is according to one sales assistant we asked haha! Oh well we still had a nice time looking in all the cute little shops, we also wandered across what we guessed to be a Jpop-star, although who it was I have no idea.


Just look at that little face!


I am a crazy cat lady so the minute I saw the sign for the Mocha cat cafe, I had to ask the others to come in! We paid 200 yen for 10 or 15 minutes, you could pay more to have a drink and stay longer. The cafe is very bright and spacious, there was maybe 8-10 cats I think. They were all absolutely gorgeous and they seemed to be very happy from what I could see πŸ™‚


By this point it was starting to get late, we had an early wakeup the next day so we were all keen to get back to the hotel to rest. The journey back to the hotel wasn’t the smoothest, I almost got shoved off the train during the rush hour scrum eek, but we made it back in one piece eventually!

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