Beautiful Vancouver

I’ve been to Vancouver 4 times now, and I have another trip coming up! The first thing you notice on the drive from the airport to the hotel is the scenery, it is absolutely breathtaking! I don’t really want to bore you with lot’s of posts about the same place, so this is a summary. Plus on 2 of the 4 trips it rained quite heavily so I didn’t really do much on them.


The hotel we stay in is in a fantastic location, its downtown and there are literally 100’s of places to eat and drink within walking distance and if you like to shop you will be in heaven. On my second trip I was lucky enough to have a guy I trained with me, so along with a few others we went for a lovely stroll along the harbour to Stanley Park where we saw the totem poles. They aren’t the originals but where still really interesting to see nonetheless.


On the way to the park we kept stopping to admire the views, it seemed like everywhere you looked there was yet another picture opportunity.


On my most recent trip to Vancouver one of the women told us that she had heard about a fireworks display, the Honda Celebration of Light, that was happening at English Bay. I was absolutely shattered and I just wanted to collapse into the warm comfy bed, but it was free and it sounded like fun so I forced myself to get dressed and go out. It was insanely busy, apparently over 500,000 attended, but I love fireworks and I had a nice evening so it was worth delaying my sleep for 🙂


The next morning I met up with some of the girls to go to Grouse Mountain which stands at over 1200m. This was the highlight out of all my Vancouver trips and I would recommend a day out here to anyone that visits Vancouver. I think most people just buy the Peak Experience ticket, but me and one of the girls got the Ultimate Experience ticket which lets you do The Eye of the Wind, it’s basically a glass pod at the top of a 200ft turbine and the views are absolutely stunning, we both thought it was worth paying the extra for as it was such a clear day and we could see for miles.


After admiring the views we went back down on the chair lift to see the grizzly bears Coola and Grinder, who have been living at the sanctuary since they were found orphaned 15 years ago. It was so fascinating to see these beautiful animals so up close, it was great to see them interacting with each other and I just wanted to give them a massive cuddle, or should I say bear hug ha, they looked so damn cute and cuddly!

I had such a great trip and I can’t wait to go again in August, which depending on whether I get another Vancouver in September, could be my last trip as it goes off the 380 to the 747 in October.


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