Farewell Vancouver

I recently operated my last flight to Vancouver, I am hoping that it will come back to the A380 next year! On this trip I was lucky enough to be joined by one of my training buddies, and I had worked with a few of the crew before so the flight was really nice as we all got along great 🙂

The flight out wasn’t completely full which is unusual, as every other Vancouver I have done we have been completely full in business class and econmomy, I never know what it’s like in First class as I’m not trained to work there so don’t pay much attention to it! The customers were all really nice, and they didn’t complain or act like their world had just come crashing down around them when we ran out of chicken haha!

When we arrived at the hotel I quickly got showered and changed before going down to meet my friend for a bite to eat. There is an organic supermarket near the hotel that I always go to on landing day, so we went over and bought some fruit and had a bowl of chicken and rice soup which was just what we needed  as neither of us fancied a big heavy meal 🙂

vancouver aquabus, vancouver, false creek vancouver, granville island market

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We had decided to pay a visit to the Granville Island Market, on the way we stopped off at a little bakery called Breka for breakfast. You have to get a little boat, or water taxi called the aquabus over to Granville Island, it was only $5.50 return.

vancouver, granville island public market, street art, travel, art, cabin crew blog, flight attendant blog, travel blog

Even the rubbish bins were pretty 🙂


granville island public market, vancouver, flowers, travel, cabin crew blog, flight attendant

Granville Island was such a lovely place, it is full of interesting shops full of handcrafted items, I got the impression that Granville is quite an artsy place. One of the shops we went into was the Granville Island Soap Gallery, I love having baths with bath bombs and salts etc so I was in heaven! Everything they sell is either made fresh in store or is sourced from local artisans in the Vancouver area. I bought some sachets of bath salts, I will give a few away as gifts as I like to pick interesting little things up on my travels. I would definitely recommend a visit to the soap gallery, think Lush but without the headache inducing smell and the overbearing staff!


canadian maple syrup cheesecake, maple leaf cake, cake, travel blog, vancouver

fresh fruit, raspberries, fruit, berries, granville island public market, vancouver, travel, travel blog, cabin crew blog, flight attendant blog

handmade crockery, bright and colourful, granville island, vancouver

We also popped into an indoor public market, oh my goodness I was in foodie heaven! There was stall after stall selling everything from delicious looking cakes, to fruit and veg where they sold the biggest strawberries I’ve seen, to handmade pasta. There were stalls where people sold artwork, jewellery and other handmade arts and crafts.


For lunch we ate in the market, I had wanted to try poutine since I started doing flights to Vancouver, but so far hadn’t had the chance. I was determined to try Canada’s national dish and sure enough one of the stalls sold it. For those that don’t know it is basically chips and gravy with cheese curds, I’ve had chips and gravy or chips and cheese but never both together, it was really simple but it was super tasty.

After lunch we had a final walk around before getting the aquabus and going back to the hotel, where I tried but failed to get a good sleep before wakeup. The flight home was delayed, it always is on a Vancouver lol, but the customers where all really nice and in good spirits so the flight home went smoothly.

maple leaf, canada, vancouver

I’m so sad that I won’t be going to Vancouver anymore, it is a fantastic city and out of all the places I’ve been to with work it is the only place that I could picture myself living in.

PS if you are interested in reading about my other trips to Vancouver just click here 🙂


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