Singapore & Sydney: Singapore part 1

I am going to split my SIN/SYD trip up into separate posts, it would be far too long not to! So up first is my first visit to Singapore, hope you enjoy 🙂

Landing Day

The flight to Singapore from LHR was probably one of the most difficult and tiring that I’ve done, so when we arrived I quickly showered and changed before meeting up with some of the cabin and flight crew for some well-earned drinks and Chinese food.

Day 1

sentosa island, sentosa, singapore, beach, travel blog, cabin crew blog, flight attendant blo

I met up with a few other crew who had not done this trip before, we had breakfast before heading off to Palawan beach on Sentosa Island. I can honestly say it was one of the most tranquil and peaceful days of my life, I’ve always been more of a city girl, but it was so nice to take a step back and just relax in the sun. The first thing on our agenda was to find the bent/fallen palm tree,  so that we could snap the obligatory sitting on the edge photo.

sentosa island, sentosa, singapore, beach, fallen palm tree, travel blog, cabin crew blog, flight attendant blog

coconut, palm tree

sentosa island, palawan beach, singapore, cabin crew blog, travel blog, flight attendant blog

lizard, giant lizard, sentosa island, palawan beach, singapore, travel, travel blog, cabin crew blog, flight attendant blog

palawan beach, sentosa island, singapore, paradise, beach, travel blog, cabin crew blog, flight attendant blog

We then had a leisurely walk about, taking in the beautiful views before we headed over to a cute little beach side bar for a refreshing cold drink. After we had quenched our thirst we headed into the sea for a dip, we stayed there for a good while just relaxing and I remember just thinking how lucky I was to be getting paid to sit on a beautiful beach 🙂 We then showered off the sand before going for another drink, we then very reluctantly made our way back to the hotel.

little India Singapore, Singapore, diwali lights, travel blog, cabin crew blog, flight attendant blog

lentil curry, Indian food, curry

Later that night quite a few of us went to Little India to eat, the food was delicious and really cheap. Little India itself was so vibrant and full of life, apparently the shops and restaurants are open 24/7! Diwali, the Hindu festival of light was coming up when I was there so the main street had really bright and beautiful lights hanging up.

view from marina bay sands, marina bay sands at night, singapore

Some of us then jumped in a taxi to go to Marina Bay Sands, we wanted to go to Ce La Vi for a cocktail and to admire the view. It didn’t quite go to plan though, as one of the crew thought it was too expensive, so we left and headed back to one of the regular crew haunts for a nightcap. I still got to see the view and snap a few pics, so it wasn’t all bad.

Day 2

I didn’t get up to much, I had struggled to sleep when I got back to my room as it was roster night and despite saying I was going to wait til morning to check, curiosity got the better of me and I stayed awake to check (my roster was awful btw) so I ended up sleeping in quite late. A quick look through my phone shows that I didn’t take any pictures, so I obviously didn’t do anything memorable. I know it sounds bad but, this is such a tiring trip that I didn’t know what time or day it was most of the time! Pickup wasn’t until the evening so I just spent the day taking it easy, which I’m glad of as the flight to Sydney was yet another exhausting flight.

So that is it for the first leg of my trip, stay tuned to find out about what I got up to in Sydney 🙂


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