Long Time No Blog!

Well hello there, it’s been a while hasn’t it!? I’ve not really felt the urge to write any posts due to a variety of reasons: high hours so no trips, loooot’s of time off so no trips and a general lack of inspiration. If I’m being honest I found myself getting bored, it felt like I was just going to the same places over and over 😦 Thankfully I am now trained on the B787 😀 I think all crew want to get trained on it, but it is especially true for those of us on the A380 as going to the same 2 destinations can get ever so slightly boring no matter how nice the JNB hotel is!

I think if I’m being completely honest, another reason I haven’t been posting is because I have never 100% felt comfortable about the fact that I name my employer on my blog. I am anonymous and I’ve never posted anything ‘bad’, but there is always a part of me that feels super paranoid lol! Like I’m going to get called into a meeting to discuss a post I wrote about  Vancouver or something! I think for that reason, I am going to remove all reference to my employer, it will no doubt affect my views and stats but so be it 🙂

I got given a great roster for April, I am very fortunate to be going on another SIN/SYD trip I am so excited and can’t wait! I also have 2 new destinations in Baltimore and Toronto, I am super excited about Toronto and while I’m not as excited by Baltimore I’m sure I’ll find something to do. I feel like I have finally perfected my bids these past 3/4 months, I’ve found that not bidding for specific destinations has really worked for me.

I’ve got quite a few pics on my phone from places I’ve been since I last posted, so when I have a chance I’ll look through them and see if I can get a few posts up 🙂

Bye for now


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