Welcome to Miami ~Bienvenido a Miami~

I’ve been to Miami twice since we got the route back on my fleet, considering it’s a place I wasn’t too fussed about going to I had a lovely time each visit especially as both where team trips so I had some familiar faces.

On my first trip to Miami I went on a boat tour of the houses of the rich and famous, it was a nice relaxed way to spend an hour or two. I got major home envy, if I ever win the lottery (hard seeing as I don’t play it lol) I would definitely buy myself a house here as it is gorgeous!



Home of the Dr that invented viagra, apparently sex does sell 😀

jackie chan house miami

Jackie Chan’s house


After oohing and aahing at the not so humble abodes of the rich and famous, it was time to get some food. I was looking forward to the food part of this trip as I’d read that Miami has an amazing food scene. I don’t remember the name of the place, but it was a nice little Cuban place at the marina. I got a tasting platter which had several Cuban dishes, all of which were incredibly tasty.



On my second trip to Miami, I met up with some of the crew for some post-flight drinks in the hotel. I don’t drink much on trips, but it was nice to just unwind and have a nice chat and get to know people a bit better 🙂

The next day a small group of us headed to South Beach, from the hotel we stay in the best way to get there is in an Uber. We didn’t really have a set plan of what to do, so we just took a nice stroll along the beach taking photo’s of the cute little lifeguard huts along the way.

miami beach, south beach, miami

None of us had breakfast before leaving the hotel, so we were all starving and in need of food. Luckily there is no shortage of places to eat at South Beach, we got an outside table at a place that sold these massive cocktails, unfortunately we were unable to indulge as we had to fly home later that evening. We all ordered delicious looking food, I ordered the most cheesy quesadillas, not healthy but absolutely heavenly!

I had a great time in Miami, I loved the sunshine and the vibe of the place, I felt so relaxed and like I was on holiday.


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