Singapore Pt 1: Rain and Flowers

I was over the moon to be rostered another trip to SIN and SYD recently, for those of you who don’t know it is a 9 day trip which consists of 2 nights in SIN, 1 night in SYD and another 2 nights in SIN. It is the most popular trip and is most crews top bid. As with my previous SIN/SYD posts, which you can read about here, here and here, I will split the trip into three separate posts to make it easier to read 🙂

The flight out to Singapore was pretty easy and straightforward, the only issue for me was the fact it is so long and feeling bored/tired while waiting to go on second break!

Day 1

As with any long trip a Whatsapp group was set up, quite a few suggested going to Sentosa. I’ve already been to Sentosa before and while I wasn’t really too fussed about going back, I think my brain was too tired to function and I couldn’t think of anything else to do (despite making a list with at least 6 or 7 things I wanted to do in Singapore before I left home!!) so I said I would go too lol!

We hopped in a taxi and less than 30 minutes later we were at Sentosa. We headed to Mambo Beach Club on Siloso beach. We had only been there an hour and then the skies literally opened and the bright sunny sky was replaced with torrential rain, argh! At least I got to enjoy an (expensive) cocktail and a little bit of sun. I am so happy this wasn’t my first visit to Sentosa, I would have been so disappointed as it was a completely different experience to my first visit which was so tranquil and the weather was perfect.

strawberry daiquiri

sentosa island, sentosa,

An overcast Sentosa

Later that evening a group of us went to dinner at a Thai place, I wouldn’t go back as it was expensive compared to eating in the food courts and although the sauce was nice the chicken wasn’t that great. The rice was good though lol!

mango chicken rice

After dinner we met some more of the crew in Chijmes, the cocktails here can be a bit hit or miss but the staff are lovely and we get 50% discount so beggars can’t be choosers 😀

Day 2

I went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens with one of the girls, entrance is free but if you want to see the orchid garden it is $5 which we did as it was so cheap and why not?! Despite it being quite busy, it was a lovely way to spend a few hours and I had a great morning admiring the beautiful plants and flowers.




Singapore botanic gardens

singapore botanic gardens, orchids

singapore botanic gardens

Everywhere we looked there was something bright and beautiful to look at, as you can imagine we took lots of photos! I had considered paying a visit to the domes at the Gardens by the Bay, but from what I’ve been told they are expensive and not a ‘must do’ while in Singapore. So I’m pleased I saved myself some money and went to the botanic gardens instead 🙂

singapore botanic gardens

singapore botanic gardens

singapore botanic gardens

singapore botanic gardens, orchids

I didn’t really get up to lots on my first Singapore sector, I think as I’ve done this trip before I knew it was a good idea to take it easy as this is such a long and tiring trip.

Stay tuned for what I did in Sydney!


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