Sydney: The Breathtaking Blue Mountains

There are so many things that you can do in Sydney, but when you only have 30 hours you don’t have anywhere enough time to do everything. One of the things on my list of potential things to do in Sydney was to visit the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are a 2 hour train journey to the north-west of Sydney, we work a night flight from SIN to SYD and as you would expect the crew are all tired beyond belief, so I didn’t think anyone would want to come with me and I didn’t think it was wise to go alone. Thankfully some of the crew where up for an adventure, so after a quick shower and shovelling some food down our throats at the hotel breakfast buffet we made our way to the train station for what would turn out to be an amazing day.

Katoomba, blue mountains sydney

Katoomba was such a cute little town

The train journey wasn’t the most pleasant, it was sooooo busy urgh, but despite being 2 hours long it felt like it wasn’t long before we were pulling up to the train station in Katoomba, which is the biggest town in the Blue Mountains. Now when you get to Katoomba, you can buy tickets for a hop-on-hop-off bus or join an organized tour if you wish. That was obviously the expensive option, we wanted to do it on a budget and we also felt that hopping on a bus would take away from the adventure! So after a brief consultation with a map we started on the walk to the mountains.

blue mountains Sydney

blue mountains Sydney, Jamison Valley blue mountains

Jamison Valley

blue mountains Sydney, katoomba cascades

blue mountains Sydney, katoomba cascades

Katoomba cascades

I don’t remember the exact route we took, but we took in the Katoomba cascades, the Jamison Valley which is basically what people think of when they visualise the Blue Mountains, the Three Sisters, the Prince Henry cliff walk and finally the Leura cascades. I think we must have burnt about 1000 calories, probably more! I definitely deserved the ice cream we stopped off for half way though the day šŸ˜€

blue mountains Sydney

blue mountains Sydneyblue mountains Sydney

One thing I can’t stress enough is the need to wear appropriate footwear/clothing, the amount of people I saw wearing flip-flops or heavy winter coats was crazy! We all wore trainers and each of us had at least one slip or stumble, so sensible footwear is a must! I would also recommend regular applications of sunscreen, especially if you are like me and turn to a crisp at even a hint of sun šŸ˜€

three sisters, blue mountains sydney

The Three Sisters

blue mountains Sydney, three sisters

Pesky tourists ruining my picture šŸ˜€ šŸ˜›

blue mountains Sydney

On the way back we caught the train from Leura as we closer and it made more sense than doubling back on ourselves to Katoomba. By this point we were absolutely exhausted, it had been well over 24 hours since we had last slept and it had been a physically demanding day, so we had a nap on the train.

blue mountains Sydney, leura cascades

Leura cascades

When we arrived back in Sydney we went to a food court near the hotel where I got my tastiest meal of the 9 day trip, a delicious Indian curry which was exactly what was needed after a long, tiring day!

blue mountains Sydney

I can’t recommend a visit to the Blue Mountains enough, it was 100% worth the 2 hour train journey. The bridge and opera house are fantastic, but for me personally I had zero interest in seeing them again especially as it hadn’t been all that long since my last trip.


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