Lion & Safari Park, Johannesburg

I went to the Lion & Safari Park on one of my first ever trips to JNB back in January.  I was in two minds about whether I should write this post or not, the safari aspect was fine it seemed a bit basic but it wasn’t expensive so I wasn’t expecting much. The lion cub interaction however, I really did not like one bit, it is painfully obvious that they have been drugged and it just left me with a horrible taste in my mouth, Continue reading



I’ve been to Johannesburg, or Joburg as it is commonly called, 6 maybe even 7 times now but I’ve never thought to write a post. I had a really nice trip recently so thought I would pop up a post. Most trips to Joburg are made up of 3 basics: pool, wine/cocktails and steak so I suppose that is why I’ve never made a post as it could be seen as boring couldn’t it??!  The hotel we stay in is absolutely gorgeous, it’s a favourite of all the crew.

On landing day we got to the hotel round about 9am, as it had been a night flight and I’d been up since 8am the day before I slept until about 2pm. I then headed down to the pool where I had a delicious strawberry daiquiri and had a chat with a few of the girls.

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