Crazy Bangkok

If I had to sum up Bangkok in three words it would be; smelly, dirty and crazy. You would think this means that I didn’t enjoy my recent trip there, but I really did like it! Having said that it isn’t a place for the faint hearted or ‘princessy’ girls.

I was so close to trying to swap off my Bangkok when I first saw it on my roster, it has a reputation as being a very difficult flight as it is really long and you are apparently kept busy the entire flight with people wanting booze. I am so glad that I didn’t, the flight wasn’t bad and I had a fantastic┬átime when I got to Bangkok. We get 2 nights, which is great because it gives you a nice amount of time to explore. On arrival day pretty much all of the crew went to sleep, I wasn’t tired at all though so after showering and pottering around my room I headed out to have a look around.


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