October’s Roster

October’s roster is a bit of a strange one because, on the one hand I got 0% bid satisfaction so I was obviously a bit miffed buuuut on the other hand I have finally been given the SIN/SYD that I have wanted to do since I found out I got the job and looked at the routes I could potentially do! October is also my birthday month so I was ever so slightly worried that I would be stuck on standby, thankfully I have a nice little night stop ­čÖé

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Septembers Roster

Here is where I will be flying off to in September.


Team day

Kos t&b

St Petersburg t&b

10 days annual leave


I am hoping that I can swap off the Atlanta for something else, it will be my 4th trip and I really have no desire to go again! I am pleased that I got another Vancouver though before the A380 loses it to the 747, I will be crossing my fingers that it doesn’t rain so I can get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
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Beautiful Vancouver

I’ve been to┬áVancouver 4┬átimes┬ánow, and I have another trip coming up! The first thing you notice on the drive from the airport to the hotel is the scenery, it is absolutely breathtaking! I don’t really want to bore you with lot’s of posts about the same place, so this is a summary. Plus on 2 of the 4 trips it rained quite heavily so I didn’t really do much on them.

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Chi-Town: The Windy City

I’ve just came back from Chicago, I can easily say that it is my favourite US city that I have visited since I started flying. The hotel is in pretty much the perfect location, near to lots of restaurants and things to do. ┬áMost of the hotels that we stay in┬áwhilst in the States are miles away from anything even remotely interesting and the highlight of your trip is a visit to the mall or Walmart.

Again I had another great crew, I’m on a roll lately with amazing crew’s ­čÖé We got to the hotel quite late at about 9pm-ish, after a quick shower and change of clothes I headed down to the hotel bar to meet some of the crew for a well-earned cocktail. Continue reading


Tokyo Take Two

I can’t believe that I got rostered 2 trips to Tokyo last month, I managed to get 3 in total in 6 months! Oh well, I think it’s karma for scheduling never giving me a SIN/SYD which some people get ALL the time ­čśÇ

I was lucky to have a great team on both my trips, it would have been horrible to have gone to a place as wonderful and interesting as Tokyo with a boring or horrible crew!


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Crazy Bangkok

If I had to sum up Bangkok in three words it would be; smelly, dirty and crazy. You would think this means that I didn’t enjoy my recent trip there, but I really did like it! Having said that it isn’t a place for the faint hearted or ‘princessy’ girls.

I was so close to trying to swap off my Bangkok when I first saw it on my roster, it has a reputation as being a very difficult flight as it is really long and you are apparently kept busy the entire flight with people wanting booze. I am so glad that I didn’t, the flight wasn’t bad and I had a fantastic┬átime when I got to Bangkok. We get 2 nights, which is great because it gives you a nice amount of time to explore. On arrival day pretty much all of the crew went to sleep, I wasn’t tired at all though so after showering and pottering around my room I headed out to have a look around.


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Dubai is a new destination to my fleet, it came over in April. When we were told that we would be getting it pretty much all the crew were ecstatic and bidded for it. I on the other hand didn’t really care and so didn’t bid for it, I obviously then got given 2 which annoyed a few of my friends who didn’t get it!


View from hotel room

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