Philadelphia: The City Of Brotherly Love

Philly was one of the destinations that I would bid for every month, but I would never get. It was really frustrating because it seemed like everyone I knew was getting a trip apart from me. Since January however, I have been rostered 3 in the space of about 6 weeks! I’m just going to combine what I did into the one post because, I didn’t really do enough on each individual trip to justify writing separate posts. Hope you enjoy!

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Welcome to Miami ~Bienvenido a Miami~

I’ve been to Miami twice since we got the route back on my fleet, considering it’s a place I wasn’t too fussed about going to I had a lovely time each visit especially as both where team trips so I had some familiar faces.

On my first trip to Miami I went on a boat tour of the houses of the rich and famous, it was a nice relaxed way to spend an hour or two. I got major home envy, if I ever win the lottery (hard seeing as I don’t play it lol) I would definitely buy myself a house here as it is gorgeous!


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Chi-Town: The Windy City

I’ve just came back from Chicago, I can easily say that it is my favourite US city that I have visited since I started flying. The hotel is in pretty much the perfect location, near to lots of restaurants and things to do.  Most of the hotels that we stay in whilst in the States are miles away from anything even remotely interesting and the highlight of your trip is a visit to the mall or Walmart.

Again I had another great crew, I’m on a roll lately with amazing crew’s 🙂 We got to the hotel quite late at about 9pm-ish, after a quick shower and change of clothes I headed down to the hotel bar to meet some of the crew for a well-earned cocktail. Continue reading

Atlanta, Georgia

I’ve been to Atlanta twice now, and I have to say that I really do like it. The weather is nice and warm, the people are friendly and the hotel is in a pretty good location.


On my first trip most of the crew and I decided to go to the Coca Cola factory, I didn’t actually know until I was researching things to do that Atlanta was home of Coke! Continue reading